Little Bear has been waking up multiple times at night. He hasn’t wanted to go back to sleep unless Papi Bear is beside him. He sleeps in the same room as Big Bear, so most nights Big Bear wanders into our room and sleeps with me around 4AM. It’s been very stressful on the family.

We also noticed he’s been drooling. I remember the neurologist asking if he drools and how often. I’ve been watching him and it’s been almost constant these past few days. He’s also been less concentrated and not making the same progress he usually makes. My heart started to pound in fear.

I took him to his SLP this morning. He rarely makes any progress with her, since all she does is play with puzzles, toys, and bubbles, but today he only said “bubbles” and nothing else. He didn’t even say “bye bye.” I was getting very worried.

We ran over to his ENT after seeing his SLP. Little bear has ear tubes in. He was born with fluid in his ears and, while he’s never really had excessive ear infections, he didn’t start walking until after his tubes were put in, so we think the fluid may have been causing vertigo.

His ENT took a peak and said they’re in place and patent.

Oh, and he’s getting his molars. That’s why he’s irritable, not sleeping, and drooling.

Fear is always there when your child has a diagnosis and you don’t know where they fall yet on the spectrum.


Author: goldilocksbabybear

A mother dealing with the struggles of finding out her child is autistic.

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