Little By Little

Little Bear’s vocabulary is beginning to take off. He doesn’t pronounce most words correctly, but he’s gaining the confidence to repeat words, guess what’s coming next, and, most importantly, use them productively.

New words: Airplane, pato, leon

New realization: Little Bear recognizes his numbers up to 9 in Spanish. He can finish almost every page of the Dr. Seuss ABC book.

New productive use: luna (nuna), pelota (tota), pato, gracias (while handing something he’s finished with), MAMA and PAPI!!! FINALLY!!!

Other new milestones: He looked in my eyes when I changed his diaper. He hugged his grandmother for the first time (he’s a hug monster with me and my husband, but nobody else). He wanted to hang out with his brother and two other kids who were at the playground tonight, even though he didn’t directly play with them. He shared his toys with me even when he wasn’t done with them. He looked for Papi Bear’s approval when we were talking over FaceTime.

This week he doesn’t have school. He’ll be with Mama Bear every day. I’m going to work as much as I can with him and hopefully the following week when he starts school, he won’t have as much anxiety as he did at his old one. Fingers crossed.


Author: goldilocksbabybear

A mother dealing with the struggles of finding out her child is autistic.

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